Vision & Goals


The largest population of young people in the country will be deployed as the best educated work force, propelling Utah to enduring prosperity.


66 percent of Utahns with postsecondary certificates or degrees
Some 66 percent of Utah jobs will require postsecondary training by 2018, according to an economic study by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. The projections were refined and adopted by the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Where are we now? 43 percent of Utahns have postsecondary certificates or degrees.

90 percent of elementary students proficient in reading and math
All students deserve a strong start. Dropping out begins in early grades if students don’t have basic skills to keep up with their peers.

Where are we now? Currently, approximately 75-80 percent of Utah students meet this goal.

STEM Top Ten Center for technology jobs & businesses
We can do it. Our large population of scientists and engineers, numerous technology jobs and university research spin-offs all position the Wasatch Front to be a technology leader.

Where are we now? Utah ranks 11th in the nation for technology jobs as a share of total employment, but 36th among states for technology jobs and businesses.

90 percent of students graduating from high school


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