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Curiosity Unleashed: Utah executives support STEM education

Alan Hall, Chair of Prosperity 2020

Yesterday in collaboration with the Governor, the STEM Action Center and others, STEM-related companies launched a series of videos about opportunity for Utah children and young adults in STEM fields.

A number of STEM jobs are among the highest paying jobs in Utah. The Utah Technology Council (UTC) created a list of “Hot STEM Occupations in Utah,” many of which are in growth areas. The annual median wage of occupations on the list of 50 occupations related to science, technology, engineering and math ranges from $43,000 for support positions to $187,000 in the medical field.

A number of positions on the list have annual median wages in the $70,000-$90,000 range, including such positions as: software developer, medical and health services manager, industrial engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, database administrator, physical therapist, occupational therapist, physician assistant, and mining engineer. Chemical engineers and petroleum engineers each fall around the $90,000 mark. Positions like computer and information systems managers can be even higher.

It’s one of my passions in life to help create good jobs that enable more people to make a good living and care for their families. STEM careers provide exceptional opportunities. One of our goals at Prosperity 2020 is to help Utah become a top-10 center for these kinds of jobs. It will lift our economy and it will lift our lives.

The business community has rallied around STEM education and expanding opportunities for young people. Our most recent contribution is a series of videos called Curiosity Unleashed.

As important as jobs are, Curiosity Unleashed is about more. It’s about discovery and wonder. It’s about realizing new possibilities, stretching minds, and expanding horizons. It’s about personal growth and the joy of learning and making things better. It’s about the mind, but also about the heart. It’s about fulfillment. It’s about loving to learn and the pull to learn more.

STEM careers allow people to make better life-saving devices, expand the human capacity to organize and create, enrich life, increase comfort, expand capacity, and simply make life better.

As business leaders behind Prosperity 2020, we believe life is about learning and experiencing the wonder of it all. And we believe in the remarkable kids in Utah.

Enjoy Curiosity Unleashed and share it with young people you know who might be a little curious about their futures.

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